Upgraded radiographic training facility in Abington, UK

As part of an extensive refurbishment programme of its training facilities in Abington, UK, TWI has recently re-opened its much improved training radiographic facility. Whether coming for training or examination in general weld inspection or aerospace, candidates will find that both the x-ray and gamma bays have been updated and a brand new dedicated classroom built. Also available is the latest Viking gamma equipment and a new digital electronic wind out built to TWI's specifications.

Offshore inspection companies now require a higher quality radiograph and turning to Selenium 75 to produce them. To fulfil this need, TWI is investing in a Selenium 75 gamma source which will be available later in 2012 so that students can be trained in its use and better prepared for the future.

TWI launched its Digital Radiography programme at both its Abington and Middlesbrough facilities in the UK a year or so ago. These courses can now be delivered at customers' own facilities. A greater emphasis on weld inspection, casting and profile and tangential radiography can be given to the training to suit the customers' requirements.

For further information, please contact: Customer Services on + 44(0)1223 899500 or trainexam@twi.co.uk or visit our website