Welding of geomembranes - CSWIP exam success for Greenstar in Ireland

Description: Welding of geomembranes - CSWIP exam success for Greenstar in Ireland Greenstar is Ireland's leading provider of environmental, waste management, skip hire and recycling solutions. Greenstar's Ballynagran Residual Landfill opened in October 2006, and is permitted to accept 150,000 tonnes of residual waste per annum from Wicklow and adjoining counties.

Greenstar are committed to operating at the highest recognised standards, demonstrated by having won several awards and achieved ISO 140001 and 18001 certification. They approached TWI in early 2011 having identified a requirement to train a number of operators in the welding of geomembranes. Having this expertise in house will allow them to install new landfill cells and carry out capping works without the need to employ external contractors. Greenstar also requested that their employees take the CSWIP examination, so that the standard of welding achieved can be proven to the relevant landfill operating authorities.

The tailored training course took place over 2 days at Greenstar's premises in Ballynagran. Ten employees underwent the training and then took the CSWIP examination which was carried out in accordance with the British and European Standard BS EN 13067:2003 Plastics welding personnel - Qualification testing of welders - Thermoplastic welded assemblies.

John Jones, General Manager at Greenstar commented: 'All the guys at Greenstar were delighted when they got an opportunity to learn a new skill. The first phase of capping works at Ballynagran Landfill is now complete and it's been great to see how people's welding skills and confidence have grown throughout this first project. We are now set-up to be able to carry out landfill construction and capping projects in-house which is going to cut out a lot of third party costs and save us money for years to come.'

Ten welders took exams in heated wedge and extrusion welding, achieving an overall pass rate of 85%. Where individuals failed they will undergo further training to ensure they achieve the standard required.

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