Wessex Archaeology complete Aga mask training at TWI North's
specialised dive facility

Wessex Archaeology complete Aga mask training at TWI North's specialised dive facilityOn 16th August, three candidates from Wessex Archaeology, a marine archaeological service based in Salisbury, arrived at TWI North in Middlesbrough to undergo Aga mask familiarisation training. The day had been tailored to suit the candidates' needs and requirements and current experience, in order to effectively deliver training at an appropriate level. Aga masks are used by the Fire Brigade, Military, and Commercial & Public Safety Teams around the world which makes this kind of specialised training relevant and suitable in many other industries.

The course was a great success and candidates commented on the "relaxed atmosphere, geared towards learning" and the "great practical experience". It was also noted in the course feedback that it was cost-effective, comprehensive and overall "an excellent course with clear instruction".

Wessex Archaeology complete Aga mask training at TWI North's specialised dive facilityWessex Archaeology's Coastal & Marine Team is the leading provider of marine archaeological services in the UK, supporting offshore renewable energy; marine mineral extraction; ports and harbours; cables; pipelines; flood and coastal defence; strategic research; and marine heritage management. The team is one of the biggest globally, comprising over 30 specialist archaeologists, geophysicists, geo-archaeologists, and learning and access staff. With a strong reputation for quality and innovation, the team combines academic rigour with a highly practical focus on clients' requirements.

Wessex Archaeology complete Aga mask training at TWI Northâ??s specialised dive facilityInitially the candidates were given hands on instructions in the classroom from Chris Reeve, Learning and Development Advisor from the Cleveland Fire Brigade, who demonstrated how to take the masks on and off, which they later did underwater. The team also looked at a number of other masks while they were at the facility so that the instructors could explain the different uses for each. These included Genesis 11, KMB 18 & KMB 17C. After lunch the candidates took turns in TWI North's bespoke diving tank, performing simulated emergency drills & tasks to familiarise themselves with the equipment they will be using as part of their forth coming projects  around the UK coast.

Wessex Archaeology complete Aga mask training at TWI North's specialised dive facilityTWI North's Training Tanks

The purpose built 3m x 3m diving tank is heated to approximately 23 degrees Celsius and is constantly filtered to maintain an excellent level of visibility throughout training. Video, light and communications are used extensively so that the instructor can constantly monitor the divers. This is the smaller of the two tanks at TWI North, which is suitable for specialised courses such as wet welding where the diver is fairly static. The staff and divers attending the full face mask familiarisation course found the smaller tank to be a safer, more controlled environment for this particular training course. The larger 6m x 8m training tank is used for the programme of underwater inspection courses (see below).

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