Wet welding open days score 10 out of 10

02 August 2012

Divers benefited by undergoing instruction and practising basic skills and techniques in TWIs purpose-built wet welding facility While the sun was busy warming up the UK, staff at TWI North were busy hosting free wet welding days for those who wanted to 'test the water' and try their hands at the specialised skill.

Divers benefited by undergoing instruction and practising basic skills and techniques in TWI's purpose-built wet welding facility - a 3m tank with a specialised extraction hood. The tank is heated to approximately 23 degrees Celsius and maintains an excellent level of visibility. Video, light and communications mean that the instructor can constantly monitor divers' welding progress.

Open day training included 'bead on plate' for novice welders Open day training included 'bead on plate' for novice welders - focusing on the importance of travel speed. For the more experienced wet welders, TWI instructors concentrated on weld quality, and after welding examined the fillet welds and carried out break tests to check for acceptable penetration. Wet welding theory covered:

  • Set up
  • Polarity
  • Specific defects e.g. hydrogen cracking
  • Safety
  • Consumables/equipment
  • Problems associated with wet welding.

Visitors agreed that the wet welding open day delivered technical skill and information in an enjoyable format - demonstrating a cost-effective way to begin training, and showing how welders can take best advantage of facilities, materials and tutorial resources. Here's what they thought:

"10/10 - will advise anybody to attend this facility," Neil Cockerham.

"All aspects of the day were fantastic and the lecturer was really helpful in his instruction," John Fletcher.

"The course tutor was very helpful and had a lot of good advice," Craig Middlemas.

"Enthusiastic instructor who gauged answers to questions very well on both basic and technical levels. A very enjoyable and informative session well worthy of recommendation," Steve Fila.

The wet welding open days introduce a 10-day practical and theoretical wet welding course at TWI where candidates can practise under the supervision of a coded wet welding instructor with the opportunity to be coded on the final to D3.6M - an internationally recognised welder performance qualification (WPQ). Theoretical instruction in this course includes weld terminology, weld design, weld defects and applications; dry practical exercises including bead-on-plate and fillet welds; comprehensive tuition on underwater wet welding techniques and practical exercises; welding test to AWS D3.6 Class B coding witnessed by Lloyd's Register of Shipping. Learn more about the wet welding course.

Find out more about wet welding by following the links below, or email our underwater inspection lecturer, Clayton Webb. If you are interested in coming to our next open day, please contact us.

Useful links:
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