The Welding Gauge

TWI Weld Gauge
£55.00 + VAT (if applicable) + Postage/Packing

An essential tool for rapidly checking the dimensions of weld preparations, butt welds and fillet welds -
  • angle of preparation
  • misalignment
  • fillet weld leg length/excess weld metal
  • fillet weld throat
  • undercut
Used across the world by welding engineers, inspectors, NDT operators, quality control staff and welders.

This tough, easy-to-use gauge is made from stainless steel throughout and finished to a high standard. Its parallax-free scales are conveniently graduated in metric and imperial units.

Ideal for general fabrication work in the shop or on-site, it helps you achieve the correct weld profile, reduce the risk of product failures, increase productivity and prevent materials wastage.

Supplied complete with protective wallet and illustrated instruction card.

Welding Gauge Data
  • Overall dimensions when closed: 100 x 68mm approximately
  • Misalignment, fillet weld leg length, excess weld metal scale: 0-25mm, 1mm divisions (also 0-1 inch, 1/16 inch divisions)
  • Angle of preparation scale: 0-60°, 5° divisions
  • Fillet weld throat scale: 0-20mm, 1mm divisions (also 0-3/4 inch, 1/16 inch divisions)
  • Undercut scale: 0-4mm, 1mm divisions (also 0-3/16 inch, 1/16 inch divisions)
Please note that the Welding Gauge is intended for general dimensional inspection of welded fabrications where close tolerances are not expected. It should not be compared in precision with gauges used for measuring machined components and, where a high degree of accuracy is required, machine shop type measuring instruments will need to be used.