Achieving Compliance with ISO 3834

Achieving Compliance with ISO 3834

Achieving Compliance with ISO 3834

The standard EN ISO 3834, Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials, is referenced by existing and emerging standards for welded products, such as EN 15085 for railway vehicles and components, and EN 1090 for steel and aluminium structures, and is being increasingly specified in contract requirements.

Through presentation and group exercises, this two-day course provides a review of the ISO 3834 series of standards and their relevance to fabrication and manufacture by welding, and takes delegates through the processes used to establish compliance with ISO 3834, including compliance of welding co-ordination personnel with ISO 14731.

The interactive and informally facilitated programme provides analysis and discussion of published standards and guidance, and raises awareness and understanding through personal comment and feedback on practical experiences of assessment. As such, the programme has been beneficial to personnel involved in company and supply chain audits against ISO 3834, and Welding Coordinators, Welding Engineers and Quality Managers in fabricating companies, or manufacturers using welding as a production process.

The programme fully complies with the requirements for an Orientation Meeting for assessors working under the TWI Certification Ltd "Welding Fabricator Certification Scheme" (", and the International Institute of Welding (IIW) "Manufacturer Certification Scheme", and individuals wishing to become registered as Assessors by TWI Certification Ltd must attend this course and will also undergo a professional interview.

The competence to comply with ISO 3834 cannot be taught but the knowledge of how to comply with ISO 3834 can.

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