Are You Looking for a Career in Welding Engineering?

Talking on TWI’s Science and Engineering podcast, The Undistilled Series, with TWI marketing manager Mike Emmett, David Bage and James Bell opened up about their experiences and how they have carved out careers in the world of welding. The podcast sees them reveal what drives them in their careers and in the lane of welding as well as how the perception of welding and engineering has changed!

David Bage is a TWI Training programme manager, responsible for our welding training workshop, welding inspection and engineering diploma. Having begun his career as an apprentice welder, David has worked in the oil and gas, transport and telecommunications industries as well as having spent time as a high school teacher and technical college lecturer, before joining TWI. He talked about his journey of decision-making and what threw him into the welding field, how he managed to find his passion and the gems he has found in this field.

James Bell is a former TWI employee who has gone on to found his own company, Carbon Arc Training and Consultancy Ltd. James spoke about how welding was seen as a person in messy clothes working in dirty conditions, before shining a light on the realities of the profession today, opening up about the profession and the kind of lifestyle it can give you.

‘It has given me since 16, a really good lifestyle. I can pick and choose what I want to do.’

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