Athi Siva: Set to Prosper in NDT after TWI Training

Athi Siva is an NDT technician for Skyservice Business Aviation FBO Inc. His work involves the inspection of aircraft and landing gear components using a range of non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques, including magnetic testing, penetrant testing and ultrasonic inspection, among others. He also inspects and validates universal joints in landing gear for Safran Landing Systems using Barkhausen Noise Analysis.

Athi already held a 2-year college diploma in Aviation Mechanics: Aviation Maintenance Technician and a MT/PT PCN level 2 before he opted to train in ultrasonic testing (UT) with TWI. However, NDT has been a part of his studies since his aviation maintenance college course, where it was a supplementary course that taught the theory behind methods including UT.  Following his college course, Athi managed to find a position in NDT, opening up a new career path that he has continued to develop his skills in.

Part of this development involved Athi taking a self-sponsored UT training course at TWI, explaining that, “the physics and the articulation of those exact physics were my reason to choose UT as my next NDT method. Also, UT was by far one of the most prevalent methods of NDT and it shall provide the vital path to ensure my prosperity within NDT.”

Athi revealed that he had long held an interest in UT and was intrigued by the physics behind the techniques. He added that his training also opened him up to PAUT and ToFD, explaining that, “the shear technology and physics involved makes me want to progress in-depth in UT and learn all there is to - and also because of the higher chances of jobs and salary.” He decided to take the PCN qualification since that is the accepted qualification for working in his country of choice.

Athi researched his training options before choosing TWI, revealing that he wanted to gain an in-depth knowledge. He noted, “judging from the reviews from previous students at TWI, I thought TWI would be efficient at catering to my expectations, which they did.” He also explained that he opted for the full, in-class course rather than blended learning as he felt the need to engage with a more immersive studying environment and be able to interact with the lecturers directly.

“I would like to thank the team in Cambridge (Alex, Alireza and Costas l) who all contributed to a great experience”.

He continued, “They weren’t reluctant at any point to sit patiently and go through the material or answer any of my questions. They were always happily present and made sure I felt comfortable with the pace of learning and the practical portion of it. They all went above and beyond to ensure my UT course went smoothly.”

While admitting that the lecturers took good care of him, Athi also noted the quality of the programme and the resources at TWI. He explained, “The UT programme was set up efficiently with all testing samples and sample equipment available in the classroom,” adding, “even when one of my pieces of equipment was faulty there was another UT set ready to go for me.” Athi continued.

Of course, Athi’s course took place under strict Covid safety measures, but he found these to be well run too, “It was perfect. I believed the government guidelines were properly followed and was updated accordingly.”

So, would Athi recommend TWI to his colleagues?

“Yes, I would definitely recommend TWI to my colleagues and anyone that wants to start their career in NDT,” he said, “TWI met and surpassed my expectations during my UT course and I am grateful for such an organised team, who made it possible for me to prosper in my career within NDT.”

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