Bilal Ahmed Shah - HSE Manager: Studying for safer workplaces

Bilal Ahmed Shah has been working in the health and safety sector for over 14 years, with his work encompassing the roles of practitioner, management system developer, trainer and auditor. Now working as a health and safety environmental (HSE) manager, Bilal is pleased to note that his contribution in this area has 'provided vital assistance to thousands' as well as 'a sense of self-motivation to protect people against occupational hazards and risks.'

With many organisations adopting strategic objectives to rapidly grow their health and safety culture, Bilal felt motivated to enter the health and safety sector. From here, he entered into a 'never-ending learning process' to enhance his professional development including studying the NEBOSH International Diploma course with TWI Middle East.

Bilal said that the NEBOSH Diploma has 'significantly enhanced' his skills in terms of competencies to understand health and safety management and its implementation in an actual workplace. He explained that the classroom studies for the diploma has made a real impact on his view of health and safety procedure and has upgraded his knowledge and vision significantly.

While the course was of benefit to Bilal's career, it has also proven beneficial for his employer, who is now more confident in his capabilities as a health and safety manager. The diploma has also allowed Bilal to learn from past mistakes on his project site and led his employer to review the existing work procedures and patterns. He added that the training has helped his employer in 'reducing the cost of health and safety management' as well as affording 'better compliance of regional and federal regulations.' These benefits have surely made the support form Bilal's employer worthwhile, as well as improving his own confidence in the workplace.

Bilal found that the TWI Middle East lecturers were well versed in their subject while the facilities were worth a special mention, as he explained, 'the cleanliness, arrangements for food and other basic needs are organised pre-emptively and due care is paid to delegates' needs.'

Having now completed several qualifications with TWI, Bilal feels comfortable recommending TWI Middle East to others, saying that they are 'real leaders in educating people' and provide the 'best professional support.'

Having recently completed his Masters in Occupational Health and Safety, Bilal is now planning to undertake a post-graduate diploma on occupational health and safety. He finished by offering some words of advice to others, saying, 'Every day, each of us is doing our maximum to earn the best level of wealth and resources to make our lives more comfortable, but do not forget to spend some days every year for your learning needs, because continuous professional development is a never ending process.'

Bilal Ahmed Shah