Brazilian Inspector Returns for Training

Fernando Antonio Juliao Martins from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has returned to TWI to add to his knowledge and qualifications.

Having previously undertaken training in phased array ultrasonic testing at TWI, Fernando flew to Britain to take courses in Penetrant Testing and Magnetic Particle Inspection. These new courses built on the phased array qualification gained at TWI and the Ultrasonic Testing qualification he had already gained in Brazil.

Fernando revealed that his phased array certification had already a direct impact on his employability and that his qualification attracted a range of professional opportunities in Brazil. Fernando is now moving from digital radiography to phased array related work.

Now working as a consultant for various companies in Brazil, Fernando explained that he decided to take the time to travel to the UK in order to improve his skills, knowledge and employability.

Paying for his own training, he attended courses in both Middlesbrough and Cambridge during his stay, and was particularly complimentary about the quality of TWI’s lecturing staff.

Fernando also noted how, in the UK, he is able to follow his training with his examination almost immediately, unlike in Brazil where waiting times between a course and the exam can be over a year.

Looking to the future, Fernando hopes that his training will stand him in good stead for the time when the Brazilian economy recovers from its current slump and work picks up once more. However, he is not looking to rest with this latest batch of qualifications as he hopes to return to add to his potential employability by taking the TOFD course in the near future, once-again at TWI.

Keen to constantly improve his career path, Fernando explained that TWI Training is recognised around the world and that the qualifications are accepted as industry leading from Brazil to Spain and beyond.

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