The sky's the limit as British Airways continue their record of training with TWI

Having been their go-to welder-training provider for several years, TWI was pleased to welcome two new British Airways trainees to our training facility at Great Abington, near Cambridge.

Both trainees, Thomas and Abbas, enrolled on the BCAR A8-10 aeronautical welding qualification course at the behest of British Airways, who also covered the cost of the training under their skills development programme.

However, despite taking the same course, the training requirements differed, as Thomas had previous welding experience while Abbas was new to the discipline.

Having tried his hand at welding while at college in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Thomas went on to enrol on an apprenticeship with British Airways and now hopes that his TWI training will build on his previous experience. By contrast, Abbas was totally new to welding, despite his 23 years' experience working in composites for British Airways.

This disparity in welding experience means that Thomas and Abbas had different training needs, with Thomas looking to gain a 'better understanding of correctly carrying out welding procedures,' whereas Abbas was looking to learn new skills before 'transferring them to work routines as required.' Both of them were required to undertake 13 tests to show their competences across different methods and materials.

Staying on site, Thomas and Abbas were pleased with how close they were to the training facility. Abbas confirmed that the TWI training staff were knowledgeable in both the theory and practical aspects of the course, while Thomas confirmed that the TWI facilities had 'everything you need.'

Thomas and Abbas said that the course content itself was relevant and thorough and both of them revealed that they would definitely recommend TWI training to others.

British Airways at TWI