Careers in NDT

There are several ways that TWI can help you to kick-start your career in non-destructive testing (NDT). Whether you want to build on your existing experience through some training or get involved right away with an apprenticeship, we can help.

TWI training is recognised around the world and will allow you to gain the certification you need to get your career started, while our expert staff offer real-world experience and our ties to TWI as a whole mean that our courses remain relevant to genuine workplace situations.

Once you have accessed the skills needed for NDT, you will open a variety of career paths, from plant inspection to quality assurance. NDT is used in a variety of different industries including oil and gas, nuclear, automotive, aerospace, and power – meaning that your skills will stay in demand even if you move from one sector to another.

You can find out more about careers in NDT by watching the video, below:

A career in NDT

Alexander Tsougranis explains how to get into NDT, the benefits and the career progression opportunities