Chomesvaran Duraisamy – A life changing career progression

Chomesvaran Duraisamy has seen his life change for the better as a direct result of his training with TWI. Back in 2002, before he completed his CSWIP Welding Inspection training at TWI Malaysia, Chomesvaran was working as an approved welder trainer accredited by the Singapore marine industry. However, the opportunities for his career development in this role were limited and, as he explained, his salary was ‘minimal.’

This all changed when Chomesvaran gained his CSWIP Welding Inspector certification as he was able to apply for work as a welding inspector in an offshore project for the Carigali Hess company. From here, he became a freelance welding inspector and took up the opportunity to work as a third party inspector on various overseas projects over the years.

As Chomesvaran revealed, his salary rose from around RM 2000 a month as a welder trainer to a basic salary of RM 15000 per month in his first offshore project. He noted that this was ‘a remarkable change in my career and personal life,’ adding, ‘I was able to buy a house in Johor Bahru and I was able to invest in different properties and secure a better quality of life for my family.’

16 years since he achieved his CSWIP Welding Inspector certificate and Chomesvaran is now employed as a senior welding quality control coordinator on the RAPID project and has attended the CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector class. While he says he would like to return to TWI to upgrade his qualifications further, Chomesvaran is keen to recommend that others follow in his footsteps and undertake training with TWI to ‘benefit from the expertise of the highly qualified lecturers and world class qualifications that this institute delivers.’

Chomesvaran Duraisamy