Coteinplast S.A. in Spain praise TWI’s plastics welding team on their helpful support and thorough service

Coteinplast S.A., a construction company based in Spain, thanked Andy Knight and Scott Andrews personally for their excellent service in delivering a plastics welder training and examination course. Andy spent 7 days at their premises in Spain training welders in various disciplines that led to CSWIP certification. Having recently won a new contract in Germany, Coteinplast S.A. required this level of competency for their welders in order to meet contractual obligations.

Quality Assurance Manager Fernando Polo Lopez who organised the training wrote in his letter of praise

"We would like to thank the whole team of TWI, especially Scott and Andy for everything you have done for us. Your support and treatment were welcome additions to this course, and I feel this experience will be exceedingly helpful to those participants.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness in crafting the course and thoroughness in delivery helpful advice and knowledge. We also appreciate Andy’s approachability and willingness to speak with our employees before and after your theory and practical lessons. I have heard a lot of great feedback from them who now feel much more prepared to make any kind of plastic welding of their own.

It has been an excellent working relationship. Thank you for creating the next generation of plastic welders in Spain!!"

Candidates studied hot gas and extrusion welding of sheet and butt fusion, electrofusion and socket fusion welding of pipe.

Customers around the world continue to seek the highest levels of comfort when it comes to quality assurance. As such, more and more workers are put through the rigorous TWI Plastic Welder training scheme which qualifies them as CSWIP certified plastic welders. The qualification is aligned to the European standard approval testing of plastic welders, EN 13067.

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Coteinplast S.A. in Spain praise TWI’s plastics welding team on their helpful support and thorough service