CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector Q&A with David Matthews

David Matthews, who works as a Welding and NDT Services Manager for CDL Group Ltd, recently took TWI Training’s CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector (full course).

We spoke to David about his experience of the training and how it will help him in his work.

Hi David, could you tell us where you work right now?

I am currently employed at CDL Group Ltd as their Welding and NDT Services Manager. CDL Group Ltd are a consultancy and training company who specialise in ISO consultancy, conformity assessment and inspection and training within the welding industry.

So, what are your typical duties at CDL Group Ltd?

My day-to-day work varies a lot, but started out mostly witnessing weld procedures and welder qualifications, non-destructive and destructive testing, welder training, and general material and consumable identification, along with other inspection duties.

However, after moving up to the manager role over a year ago, I have become heavily involved in the organisation of workloads for our inspectors, both full time and subcontract, liaising with clients on all manner of welding related issues, carrying out contract reviews and organising the scope of works for inspection on various projects, as well as consulting on the implementation of welding quality management systems.

Which training course did you take with us and why?

I took the CSWIP 3.2 Senior welding Inspectors full classroom course, as my role at CDL Group has progressed beyond the scope of my CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspectors qualification, which I had held for over 6 years along with my PT, MT and UT NDT qualifications. As this is a core part of my work, my employer covered the cost of the training.

What made you decide to take this course at TWI?

I decided to take this course with TWI as I believe that there is no other place like it in terms of prestige and the quality of training given. My past experiences of TWI have been nothing but positive and inspiring, so there was no other choice in my mind.

How did you find the course content?

The course content is easy to follow. The literature explains everything in a clear and concise way, which makes it really easy to take in. I especially like the format of the in-depth break down of each element of the course followed by the simple slides. These helped me gain a good understanding and were an easy guide for revision. The practice papers were also a brilliant help in understanding the format of the exams and being able to prepare for them.

How did you find the experience of the on-site learning?

I find classroom-learning works well for me, as it’s great to have that interaction with the tutor and other candidates in terms of real-world experiences and application. This, along with the instant feedback from any questions during the day and then the ability to go over any evening revision the next morning, makes it a great experience.

As for the practical elements of the course and the examination, how did you find those were handled at TWI?

I found that this course wasn’t just geared towards helping people pass, but to help understand the content and its application, which in the end helps with the exams in a much better way. The exams were very well prepared, and I especially liked how it was set up now using the iPad to read and answer the questions and the examiner was very helpful and put everyone at ease.

Are you considering any more training anytime soon?

My next consideration will be the TWI diploma at IWS level and then to hopefully progress onto IWE at some point in the future. I may also consider doing the radiographic interpretation course before that point to round off my senior inspector qualifications. I will also be attending regular seminars and webinars as part of my CPD.

Finally, what would you say to anyone thinking of training with TWI?

I would say that TWI are truly first class when it comes to training. The knowledge, experience and expertise are second to none and I would not hesitate to use or recommend their services any time in the future.