EWF and IIW Diplomas - offering expertise for your company, career and future

As true international qualifications, the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) and International Institute of Welding (IIW) Diplomas are widely accepted by employers as high quality vocational education in welding engineering. Whether at Specialist, Technologist, or Engineer level, these qualifications confirm a high level of knowledge and expertise that is recognised around the world, supporting the exacting quality requirements for welding coordination across a wide range of applications, materials and processes.

These unique qualifications will place you and your employees above much of the competition, giving your customers high confidence in your organisational understanding of welding.

On an individual level, the qualification supports mobility in employment and is transferable into further and higher educational programmes.

For companies, having staff qualified to relevant EWF and IIW Diploma levels allows you to demonstrate that you have a rigorous competence assurance system and are willing to invest in the professional development of your welding engineering staff. Many customers now specify EWF and IIW diploma levels within their contract specifications.

The EWF and IIW Diplomas are delivered only by organisations approved within the EWF and IIW quality system, which ensures that lecturers are highly qualified and capable, and often international experts in their field. Access to this level of education and harmonised quality assurance is specific only to the EWF and IIW international qualifications, and is a key feature of their high value and extensive recognition.

This is where TWI training comes in, as we use specialists in each area to make sure your training is the best possible. Learning from qualified experts is just one facet on offer from TWI, as our eLearning packages provide added assistance to improve confidence and help improve preparations for the final examinations.

Offering 20-25 hours of course material, plus self-assessment options so you can check your progress, the eLearning suite will give you a head-start and is completely free for anyone who signs up for an IIW Welding Diploma course.

What is the EWF/IIW Welding Diploma?

David Bage explains the EWF/IIW Welding Diploma, what is involved and how to progress from International Welding Specialist to Technologist and Engineer levels.