EWF/IIW Welding Diplomas – Why is it for you?

Our EWF/IIW programme increases the chances for you to be accepted by employers who require high quality work, since this programme gives you knowledge and expertise recognised around the world for a range of processes, materials and applications.

This course offers information on features, benefits and the applications of welding and joining methods in addition to the behaviour of materials and design requirements.

This qualification enables you to take up the role of responsible welding coordinator as defined in ISO 3834, delivering evidence of knowledge and understanding, in line with the essential welding-related tasks described in EN ISO 14731, providing career development so you can work towards becoming a Welding Engineer.

The Diploma comes in three levels, each candidate needs to have their eligibility assessed and the outcome depends on their academic qualifications and experience.

There are 6 modules in the Specialist Level, 4 modules in the Technologist Level and a further 4 in the Engineer Level, with each module lasting a week. 

You have up to six years to complete the training from the date you take the first module in each level.

EWF/IIW diplomas are also offered in our eLearning category that can be accessed prior to coming for the course, providing 12 hours of study to prepare you in advance!

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