Feedback interview with Aaron Joyce – Babcock International

TWI recently organised a training course for candidates at Babcock International to attend the CSWIP Welding Inspector (3.1) course at their company’s premises.

We spoke to Aaron from Babcock International’s quality department, about the experience of his colleagues that received training from us.

Aaron is currently the quality control manager for one of Babcock’s programmes. He is responsible for the overall management of the quality control resource and acceptance of work scopes on the programme.

When asked what led for him to find TWI Training and how he introduced it to his peers, he replied that he had previously completed training through TWI in the past decade. In his view, TWI is a well-known organisation offering world class training along with recognised certification.

Babcock International candidates took CSWIP 3.1 with pre-course e-Learning with TWI. While elaborating on the choice of course, Aaron explained that the course itself is recognised worldwide and accepted throughout the industry. He further added, ‘The inclusion of the pre-course online learning was an added benefit to allow the candidates to refresh their knowledge prior to the course.’

Babcock received great feedback from the candidates and all of it has been positive. ‘The candidates thoroughly enjoyed the course content and kept singing the praises of the lecturer (David Clark),’ said Aaron.

Diving deeper into the experience, Aaron mentioned how straightforward it was to arrange the course and that it contained excellent pre course information. Furthermore, he said, ‘The ability to have the course run on-site was greatly beneficial to the company.’ They are very soon going to run another CSWIP 3.1 training session this year.

His final remarks noted that anyone thinking about training with TWI should go for it! ‘Excellent training, easy to book and the lecturers are very knowledgeable, providing the necessary training to obtain world class certification,’ concluded Aaron.

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