Hafiz Jamaluddin - From QC Inspector to SME Welding Engineer

"I sat for my first CSWIP training in 2002 at TWI Malaysia when I was studying in welding college. I was lucky to be sponsored by MARA to get my CSWIP Visual Inspector certificate. Completing that training helped me gain a lot of knowledge about visual welding inspection and quality control inspection. After my diploma, I was passionate about continuing my studies for a bachelor degree in welding. I worked as welding engineer for many years and, in 2015, I decided to upgrade my certificate to a higher level, so I enrolled for CSWIP Welding Inspector course.

"Holding this certificate not only helped me to meet the requirements of the majority of internationally-known employers in the oil and gas industry, but also provided me with the opportunity of better job prospects, flexibility of choice and, of course, a better salary. Today, I am attending the CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector course to further my qualifications. The career path that TWI creates for candidates helps them to build their way up by continuous improvement of their skills.

"I can see that in the industry and job market, not only the inspectors but also the welding engineers are recommended to hold a CSWIP Welding Inspector or Senior welding Inspector certificate, as it has become an advantage for many of the employees in offshore projects and international companies. Holding a CSWIP certificate gives employers the confidence that the staff have a high standard of knowledge in their field of expertise."

Hafiz Jamaluddin