Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Training with TWI Middle East

Health, safety, and environment (HSE) training, one of the most important roles of TWI’s Middle East Offices, was introduced in 2009 and since then has expanded to become a competitive and highly profitable venture. HSE was highly in demand in the Middle East as government and the private sector prioritise adherence to health and safety guidelines, and so many industries and companies are required to meet particular standards. Having identified the demand for this service, TWI began to lead training for the Middle East in various ways, with courses like the IOSH and NEBOSH, as well as HSE consultancy, being key parts of the Middle East operation.

This HSE training has improved and expanded greatly since its beginning in 2009. The Middle East team considers the years when this training was first instituted to be a ‘golden age’ due to the lack of competition – although the later competition led TWI Middle East to grow and expand. With changes to industry, HSE consultancy and other services are now offered as well. Additionally, whilst previous clients tended to mostly be based in the UAE, the range of the clientele to whom this training is offered has expanded to include other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. With these increases in customers and the range of services on offer, the team is optimistic for a new ‘golden age’ of HSE training.

TWI’s Middle East offices are the leading centre of HSE training and take a leading role globally.The core competencies in HSE give TWI Middle East a key role in worldwide health and safety training.

The training offered by TWI Middle East exists in two primary forms. Firstly, we offer instruction in external accredited and internationally recognised qualifications, such as the IOSH Managing Safety course and the NEBOSH general and technical certificates. These are important as they may be required for certain companies to obtain in order to meet government or private sector standards. Secondly, TWI Middle East also offers non-accredited training, custom-built to the specific needs and operations of our clients. Unlike the accredited external qualifications, these can be tailor made for individual requirements depending on the job and needs of the customer company. Both types of training are essential parts of TWI Middle East’s role and interaction with clients. All industries, including oil and gas, construction, and engineering, require high-quality health and safety training, making these services essential.

The future of TWI Middle East also looks promising. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, lots of courses are now being offered online, with online media being used especially on the more academic courses. The team predicts changes occurring to better focus on the safety of the participant as industry develops, and is keen to allow TWI’s services to expand and change to meet shifts in industry. Into the future, the team hope to develop their own TWI brand in HSE.

HSE training remains a priority in the Middle East, and TWI is ready to help facilitate this process. The TWI brand is in good standing with regional industry professionals and has a strong reputation in a range of countries across the TWI Middle East. The exceptional track record for delivering HSE courses, aided in part by two TWI-trained students who have now won outstanding awards, means that the company is fast becoming highly renowned for the high quality of training.

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