Lecturer Profile: Hamidreza Saadat

Hamidreza Saadat currently delivers welding inspection plant inspection and related TWI training modules to our students in Central Asia. However, his journey began in Iran when he was just 15 years-old and worked in his uncle's workshop.

This early experience gave Hamidreza his first insight into molding and pattern-making, from where he got his own workshop where he carried on with casting while he studied at university.

Graduating with a bachelor's degree in metallurgy, he continued his education by taking a Master's in welding. It was from here that Hamidreza's career moved from metallurgy to working in the oil and gas industry.

Employed in the Persian Gulf, Hamidreza spent three years working on the repair of storage tanks before gaining a further seven years' experience in the repair and maintenance of pipelines, refineries and all related facilities.

Having grown from being a technical inspector to a project manager, Hamidreza had gained over 15 years' experience before joining TWI, where he worked part-time in preparing course material for API 653 (in-service tank inspection). One year later, he was made a permanent member of TWI staff as a lecturer and project manager where he combined his lecturing work with technical projects.

It is fair to say that Hamidreza has found his calling, as he explained, "I am really proud and love my field of study and work. If I was born again, I would be a metallurgy engineer again in my new life," adding, "it was my childhood dreams and I got it."

Lecturer Profile: Hamidreza Saadat