Magnetic and Penetrant Testing: A Blended Learning Approach

In the realm of non-destructive testing (NDT), proficiency in techniques such as magnetic testing and penetrant testing is desired by industry. To meet the diverse needs of NDT personnel, inspectors, and technicians engaged in weld inspection, castings, and forging evaluation, TWI offers a comprehensive blended learning package that combines e-learning with practical classroom training, culminating in certification to EN ISO 9712 for both methods.

Blended Learning for Comprehensive Mastery

Our blended learning package for Magnetic Testing and Penetrant Testing integrates online modules with in-class practical training, providing participants with a flexible and effective learning experience. This approach allows learners to delve into theoretical concepts at their own pace and convenience, while also providing opportunities for hands-on application under expert guidance.

Separating Theory from Practice

One of the key features of the TWI programme is our separation of theoretical learning from practical application. By first mastering theoretical concepts through e-learning modules, participants can build a solid foundation of understanding before transiting to practical training. This ensures that learners grasp the underlying principles of magnetic and penetrant testing thoroughly before applying them in real-world scenarios.

Focused Questionnaires for Reinforcement

To reinforce understanding and applicability across different products and industrial sectors, our programme incorporates focused questionnaires. These questionnaires target theoretical principles and specific applications related to magnetic and penetrant testing methods, helping participants solidify their knowledge and prepare for practical implementation.

Intensive Classroom Training and Clarification

After completing the e-learning component, there is a week of practical classroom training ending with the certification exams. This concentrated approach allows learners to consolidate their theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience and demonstrate their competency through certification to EN ISO 9712 standards. By condensing the training and certification progress into a single week, TWI ensures that participants can efficiently enhance their skills without disrupting their professional commitments.

In conclusion, our blended learning approach allows you to acquire comprehensive theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and industry recognised certification at your own pace and convenience. By combining e-learning with practical classroom training, TWI empowers professionals to excel in their roles and contribute to the safety and quality of industrial processes worldwide. For more information, please visit our website.