Maurice Williams discusses his CSWIP 3.1 Renewal Training

Maurice Williams recently took CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspection. Maurice works for Altrad Babcock Nuclear as QA/QC Engineering Inspector. We spoke to Maurice about his experience of the training and how it will help him in his work.

Hi Maurice, can you start by letting us know a bit about your responsibilities at work?

My main area of responsibility at Hartlepool nuclear power station is to ensure all welding documentation and quality related information is correct and to the specified procedural standards.

How do you find work and how does it impact your work/life balance?

The work is both challenging and exciting - every day is a new challenge. This forces us to think out of the box and to show initiative in our response, as the tasks are so varied. At the cessation of most days there’s a real sense of achievement at being part of a successful team. However, whilst driving home at the end of the day, you find yourself thinking about what tomorrow is bringing.

Which training course did you take with us and why?

I undertook CSWIP 3.1 - the 10-year renewal, which is a mandatory course that needs to be undertaken if you are to continue with a welding inspection authority.

How did you find the course content?

I was surprised at how much there is to learn, especially if you have been on a specific project that is limiting certain procedures. The one day’s additional training was invaluable; it not only helped brush up on your learning skills but put you together with like-minded inspectors all with the same aim. We discussed our strengths and weaknesses and helped each other where we could and some old friends were even reunited.

How did you find the experience of in-person learning?

Our instructor had a way of integrating the learning whilst in normal conversation. This really helped those of us who were a little bit nervous.

The 10-year renewal was a great experience. I participated in the additional training, which started as online tests and concluded with a day’s training with an instructor and the rest of the students. This was really settling and gave me confidence before my test the next day.

Are you considering any more training soon?

I will more than likely undertake the CSWIP 3.2 - if the job dictates.

Finally, what would you say to anyone thinking of training with TWI?

Of all the training centres I have encountered, TWI really stands out for me.

The staff, the students, and even the building amplifies what a training establishment is meant to be. It makes you proud to be part of the CSWIP family.