Meet our lecturers - Emran Bin Alias

Emran's studies started at UKM where he got a bachelor degree in nuclear science. During his studies, he became familiar with NDT as part of his industrial training in the Malaysia nuclear industry. This exposure to NDT made Emran find his passion for this field and think of exploring a career path in NDT.

Following graduation, he went offshore to work for companies such as Exxon Mobil and Shell as an NDT inspector. After a few years, his personal life required him to quit his work in offshore and settle down in a dry land position. Emran's work as a technical manager in Ruane Tati was the starting point to get him involved with training.

He believes teaching is learning! You teach and you learn something. When you teach, you share your knowledge and you also get to learn about the candidate’s knowledge.

NDT is a vast field and there are various applications for NDT in industry. When you are teaching students, you are teaching them the fundamentals and applications. However, you also get to learn about their working environment and what their requirements are and even what their working culture is like.

Emran Bin Alias

He worked for Ruane Tati for around 5 years, during which time he taught the conventional methods of NDT, and, at the same time, Emran was working with Malaysian Government certification, specifically on radiographic testing standards.

Emran, who was a committee member of the National Vocational Training Council (NVTC), was the person who developed the radiographic testing courses in Ruane Tati in order to comply with the Malaysian national standards. His position in Ruane Tati included consultancy services, which was how he built up his NDT Level 3 experience.

Looking for an opportunity to move to Kuala Lumpur, Emran found a position at TWI as the NDT manager. After a few years of teaching conventional methods of NDT, he was encouraged to train for the phased array technique, which was a new method at that time. He was one of the first people to get trained for phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) in Malaysia and that was the beginning of his career shift towards the advanced NDT training delivering courses such as PAUT, time of flight diffraction and array ultrasonic testing.

Emran introduced TWI’s advanced NDT training to the Chinese market and is proud to mention that, as a result of TWI’s efforts, CSWIP certification is now recognised as China’s petroleum pipeline standard.

He is also concentrating on delivering consultancy services to TWI clients in S.E.A region. In addition to this, Emran has also successfully delivered numerous courses in South Korea.

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Emran Bin Alias