Michael Calder: Aiming for his IWE

Hailing from Calgary in Alberta, Canada, Quality Assurance Advisor Michael Calder has worked for the last 12 years with an international oil and gas company. Having previously worked for an engineering company as well as having an extensive background in manufacturing, Michael is currently employed on a pipeline construction project which requires him to use his expertise in welding, testing and other related activities.

Having achieved his Engineering Technologist qualification in Alberta back in 1990, Michael is currently working towards his International Welding Engineer (IWE) status, for which he first needed to gain his Incorporated Engineer (IEng) certification.

Although Michael paid for his own training, taking annual leave to do so, he hopes that his employer will recognise the benefits of his qualification. He also noted that he wanted to attain an internationally-recognised certification and, having trained at TWI in the past, was more than happy to return.

By attaining an internationally-recognised qualification, Michael believes that he can help protect his employment prospects for the future while also saying that it is pleasing to see TWI making more in-roads into Canada too.

Staying on site at TWI’s facilities near Cambridge not only kept his costs down, but also gave Michael time to meet his fellow students, share ideas and socialise. Overall, Michael said that it “wasn’t a difficult choice to pick TWI” for his training.

With regard to the course itself, Michael noted that he enjoyed the nature of the FAA2 intermediate fabrication and application course, adding that it provided a good summation of the content involved. He was also quick to offer praise for the lecturers, saying they were “well versed” in their subjects and showed a high level of experience, maturity and academic ability. Michael went on to note how the lecturers could draw on the wider expertise at TWI if there was anything they needed clarification over.

While Michael would recommend TWI to others, saying that “TWI is at the top” of the profession, he hopes to complete his final three modules soon and gain his IWE qualification.

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Michael Calder: Aiming for his IWE