Michael Hollis - Achieving Goals Through Dedicated Training

Growing up around Dudley, Michael Hollis was surrounded by industry, so it is perhaps no surprise that he found his way to a career in engineering. Starting out in welding fabrication aged 16, by the time he was in his early twenties Michael had moved into the aerospace industry where he now works as a Special Process Manager at M.J. Sections of Dudley.

In his 23 years of working within aerospace, Michael has developed heat treatment and brazing processes for his employer while overseeing fusion and resistance welding. As a result, he is also responsible for the heat treatment and vacuum brazing.

All of this has required training, from Michael’s studies in welding fabrication at Dudley Technical College to the various courses he has completed with TWI training. Plus, he told us, a few instances where he taught himself what he needed to know to advance his career and expertise!

Although Michael admits that he felt pushed towards learning a trade, he says that he quickly heard that TWI Ltd was ‘the place to be’ and so he jumped at the chance to train with us. Having worked through his Specialist and Technologist diplomas over the past 6 years with TWI, Michael has finally reached his goal and achieved his Welding Engineering Diploma.

He revealed that he always wanted to be a welding engineer and says that this next step in his career progression will help his employer demonstrate his expertise and qualifications.

As for the training itself, Michael said that it was ‘superb’ and his only regret is that it had finished! He was quick to note that the TWI training staff were not just knowledgeable and experienced but also approachable, and Michael confirmed that he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TWI to others.

While staying on site for his training meant that Michael was able to mix with other students – making some good friends at the same time – but was also pleased to find that many of the lecturers would give up their own time to help and mix with the students, answering queries and questions.

However, Michael’s progression is not going to end here as his next step is to study for his MSc part-time at Cranfield University.