More Successful Courses in South Africa

TWI Training's Senior Welding Inspection Lecturer, Darren Jefferies recently conducted a series of courses in South Africa. The courses took place over a four week period and included a CSWIP 3.0 visual inspector course, a CSWIP 3.1 welding inspector's course, CSWIP 3.1 and 3.2 bridging courses from SAIW along with refresher courses and re-sits.

The courses were held at Inspection and Quality Services' premises in Johannesburg, South Africa. The trainees on the course came from a variety of backgrounds and included some who had travelled from Angola, Mozambique and Nigeria to attend, along with those from South Africa itself.

This created a diverse mix of students in the classes, but everyone got along well and the training courses were widely acknowledged as being successful.

Darren noted that the candidates were all very polite and studious, being willing to put in extra effort to improve their chances of passing the exams. Meanwhile, in return, the students complimented the quality of Darren's lecturing, noting that his knowledge of the course topics was "excellent," while he also went out of his way to ensure that they understood what was being taught.

Feedback from the courses included:

"I feel that this course has benefited me immensely and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get certified in this field."

"Darren was very professional and made learning fun."

"Darren did very well, practical and goes the extra mile."

"Darren was excellent and a real great help to me on the one day I had with him."

TWI Training are returning to South Africa in 2020. Why not enrol on one of our courses in 2020?

More Successful Courses in South Africa