New Training School Facilities TWI

TWI has been the providing essential industrial skills training and need the highest standards of training facilities at our headquarters site near Cambridge. We provide a variety of courses that lead to internationally recognised certifications, inclusive of destructive and non-destructive testing techniques.

The training school in Granta Park, Cambridge has been ready to move to its new facility and sought the assistance of TFT Consultants, who managed cost control for the delivery of the new high quality space. TFT took an employer’s agent and M&E engineering role, providing initial design consultancy and developing a detailed client brief for the works. We advised on the procurement route and provided recommendations for the design and contractor. We managed and handled contracts, monitored work and held meetings with the stakeholders.

The construction took 4 months while the works were delivered in 8 months. This invaluable facility is going to be home for generations to come for crucial testing and training programmes, accommodating 104 trainees over 7 rooms with varying sizes. The rooms have great equipment and enable good light for the students.

Project Manager and head of TFT’s Cambridge office, Peter Wyld, said, “Working in a live building always presents challenges. Diligent planning at the front end of the project can often aid the smooth running of the construction process. By putting in place the right communication channels and working structures we were able to maintain good health and safety practices which allowed the continued, un-interruption of adjacent operations. TWI undertake a broad variety of work which includes business sensitive activities and ongoing engagement with the facilities and security team allowed the construction work to take place without impacting on these tasks.”