New Plastic Welding Inspection Training Courses Launched

TWI Training is now offering new courses in visual plastic welding inspection.

Plastic pipes are used for a range of applications including water transportation, at chemical plants and lining metal pipes for the oil and gas industry. UK utility services have over 200,000 kilometres of plastic pipeline already installed and estimates say that the global plastic pipe market will be worth $87 billion by 2023.

Ensuring the integrity of these pipelines is important to prevent wasteful and potentially hazardous failures from occurring. Over 3 billion litres of water are lost each day in the UK due to leaks in plastic pipes, while defects in plastic lined oil and gas pipelines could lead to corrosion and subsequent environmentally damaging and hazardous leaks.

The correct inspection of these pipelines is vital in preventing such problems and, as more plastic piping is installed, demand for specialist inspectors will surely rise. Plastics welding inspection is also due to enter specifications, demonstrating the importance of this growing field of expertise.

TWI Training is meeting the growing demand for qualified personnel by offering plastic pipeline inspection courses at our Cambridge and Middlesbrough facilities, with associated certification to prove your knowledge and competence.

In addition, those who are already qualified in metal welding inspection can opt for a bridging course to allow for earlier qualification as a plastics welding inspector.

You can find out more and apply for these courses here.

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