TWI Malaysia hosts Proceanic for underwater inspection workshop

Proceanic Engineering Malaysia Sdn Bhd (part of the Proceanic Group), was awarded a contract by ExxonMobil Malaysia and Alam Maritim to conduct task-specific subsea inspections, demonstrated the ability of their Mini-ROVs to handle pump pressure sufficiently to successfully perform marine growth cleaning.

The ROVs also needed to show that they can manoeuvre easily in water and provide very clear video and photograph images, as well as proving that the various probes attached to the ROV are able to take underwater readings easily and accurately.

TWI Malaysia's diving tank was selected for performing this demonstration because of its convenient location and state of the art facilities which are in compliance to the relevant health and safety measures.

The event started with a safety briefing by TWI’s safety officer before Mr. Louise YH Loh delivered a presentation on the process of the underwater inspection and the unique features of the Mini- ROVs.

This was then followed by an actual demonstration of the ROV performance under the water.

The workshop was a success, with more than 20 attendees from major oil and gas companies, including ExxonMobil Malaysia and Alam Maritim, attending each session.

Proceanic, which is a USA-based company, delivers engineering, construction and inspection services to the offshore oil and gas Industry. They are renowned for their use of innovative robotics and underwater vehicles in conducting class-approved surveys for offshore structures.

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