Profile: TWI Middle East offices

TWI Middle East was founded in 2007; it has greatly expanded, seeing huge changes over time since beginning to operate separately. The Middle East offices now represent sixteen different countries, not just in the Middle East but also including Africa and Pakistan.

The roles TWI Middle East has worked on over this time has also expanded and developed in these thirteen years. When it was founded, it functioned mainly as a training-focussed operation. The types of training offered has greatly increased, for example, with health and safety training having been added in 2008, which is particularly relevant to the many clients TWI Middle East has in the oil and gas industry. Various technical training programmes are now also offered, including standard TWI training courses and industry specific training, made relevant to the specific needs of customers.

As it has expanded, TWI Middle East has also taken on many other functions and roles. Other services it now provides include engineering consultancy for a range of clients and engineering work, which has been carried out in the Middle East offices since 2011.

This engineering work is central to much of TWI Middle East’s operations and interactions with other companies. For example, a recent job requiring TWI’s metallurgical expertise involved assessment of an equipment in an oil field. Though a relatively small routine job for the company, the client was able to resume production of 200,000 oil barrels a day, just one example of an important contribution made by TWI to industry in the Middle East.

Ahsan, the Middle East General Manager, Ahmed, the Middle East Training Manager when interviewed about the work of TWI Middle East, have discussed how essential the backing of the TWI R&D department from the UK has been in ensuring their success. The UK and Middle East offices work very closely alongside one another in all departments, such as in the engineering side of their work. TWI has a favourable reputation in the Middle East as a reliable and technically sound company, an image which is very useful for these regional offices in conducting their work.

Ahsan is keen to have TWI Middle East recognised more than anything as a solution provider. He has said that in his eyes the most important contribution of TWI Middle East is ‘value addition’ to the work of client companies, through consultancy, training, and engineering. These important improvements and adjustments allow the satisfaction of an assisted customer to easily be recognised after a job. Additionally, the other main focus is innovation, and improving or developing work based on customer feedback, ensuring that TWI Middle East continues to adapt and expand into the future.

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Profile: TWI Middle East offices