Q&A with Adrian Iordache

Adrian Iordache took the CSWIP Welding Inspector package back in July 2022 with TWI, passing the examination at TWI Cambridge. Working as a welding and NDT inspector, Adrian told us about his experience of training with us and how it will help him with his work.

Adrian’s 20-year career span encompasses both onshore and offshore work but has most recently seen him working as a QC Supervisor in the Black Sea, using his knowledge of subsea fabrication. He has been monitoring the activities related to quality aspects such as material traceability, welding processes, NDT and coatings. Having recently refreshed his formal training, Adrian revealed that he is now looking for a new role in the field of welding and NDT.

Diving deeper into conversation, Adrian mentioned that, as a welding inspector in pipeline construction, tanks storage, refinery and power plants, exhaust systems and more; his work has taken him around the globe from Kuwait to Libya, China and Ghana. Although he loves the challenge of learning new things and applying his expertise to a wide variety of projects, managing his work-life balance has been a task when contractual obligations involve being away from home for long periods.

Despite this, he explained, “I have learned to make the most of my time when I am home with the family, especially when this involves longer rotations of working on-site. This time is mostly spent at home, relaxing, or travelling.” He said working away from home is made easier if there are opportunities to socialise with colleagues and use the gym facilities< Adrian added that a stable internet connection helps so he can communicate with family and friends, as well as maybe even watching a Champions League game every now and then!

Adrian took the CSWIP 3.1 - Welding Inspector course with us and received a certification for Welding Inspection Level II CSWIP 3.1 in 2008 from TWI. He explained that he is certain that it was the turning point for him to find a well-paid contract soon after that, adding that he considers the certification a reason for the recruiters’ confidence in his skills, since it is widely recognised by industry.

Talking about the course content, he mentioned that it covers all the necessary factors to understand the duties of a Welding Inspector, a comprehensive guide to keeping the welding processes under control, and quality assurance of the finished product according to specified requirements.

Adrian added that the lecturer made the course more attractive by sharing his expertise in an interactive and friendly manner, saying, “He took time to thoroughly explain and give practical examples for an easier understanding of the phenomena and the welding processes.”

When asked to tell us more about his experience, Adrian said that he found the information mentioned online quite useful with regards to the course and his expectations were well met. He mentioned that the administrative staff were also very helpful in answering his queries and guided him through the application and organisation process.

Adrian noted, “Training with TWI is a step forward in anyone’s career. You will not only benefit from high-quality training material, but also relevant interaction with highly-skilled professionals, useful knowledge transfers and updated information that will give you a solid base for your career growth.”

As for his next steps, Adrian revealed, “My target is the next step: CSWIP 3.2 - Senior Welding Inspector course. I consider this certificate to be the highlight of my activity of over 20 years.”

We would like to thank Adrian for sharing his experience of training with us and wish him all the best for the next stage of his career.