Q&A with QC1 Welding Inspector, Adam Foxton

We spoke to Adam about his experience of the training and how it will help him in his work.

Hi Adam, can you start by letting us know a bit about your responsibilities at work?

I am currently working with QC1 inspection activities on a nuclear MOD construction project. With QC1 level requiring 100% review of all documentation and welding activities.

How do you find work and how does it impact your work/life balance?

I enjoy working in my field. It makes me feel like I’m contributing to society. Working within the perimeters of inspection is nice since it is a highly regarded field and you are also ensuring the safety of equipment within the industry.

I work a lot, so my social life is slim at the moment due to my work/shift pattern, but I have goals I would want to accomplish in life yet.

Which training course did you take with us?

I took the Radiographic Interpretation of Welds. I’ve also got ECT, ACFM, CSWIP 3.1 and UT Welds that I have done at TWI.

What made you decide to take the specific version of the course at TWI?

The course/qualification was next on my list to gain and help me progress in my career, and TWI North is close to my home. I’ve always gone to TWI as I feel it is the best. Therefore, I decided to take this course with TWI and add to my experience.

How did you find the course content?

Course content was good with amazing teaching from Lee. It was a hard course to pass due to the required knowledge, so I am really grateful to the lecturer and TWI for the training passed on.

How did you find the experience of in-person learning?

Lee and the other staff at TWI were really helpful. I was given assistance whenever it was required. The same can be easily said for all the other courses I’ve done at TWI.

Tell us more about your experience.

Overall, my experience with TWI is exceptional, although it can take some time to get the exam results back.

Are you considering any more training soon?

I have plans to take more courses in relation to inspection e.g. the ASME reviewing welding procedures and also the BGAS-CSWIP coating inspector.

I also want to take the ISO 9001 auditor course.

Finally, what would you say to anyone thinking of training with TWI?

I’d recommend TWI to anyone that wants to gain any qualifications or progress themselves within NDT/Inspection. The training and support provided is great, with course material and equipment that are top tier.