Robbie Hickman Explains the Benefits of Refresher Training

Robbie Hickman is a QA/QC manager working for RH Rohrleitungs- und Anlagenbau GmbH at the Rookery South Energy Recovery Centre. He is responsible for overseeing the quality of all welding and fabrication activities, including final quality documentation (LTRs) and handover to the client.

Having already attained his CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector and CSWIP Radiographic Interpretation and PCN Radiographic Interpretation qualifications, Robbie needed to take his CSWIP Welding Inspection 10-year renewal.

Having covered the cost of the course himself, Robbie decided to take advantage of TWI’s refresher training course before sitting the renewal exam, as he explained, “In all honesty, 10 years out of the classroom is a long time. It’s surprising how much you don’t use in your day to day job that are part of the syllabus. The refresher plays a major part in how you approach the examination.”

Being able to refresh your knowledge of the content that is covered in the examination is a clear benefit of this course, with Robbie saying it definitely gave him a major advantage for the exam itself.

Robbie was also complimentary regarding TWI’s lecturer, Darren Jefferies, saying, “Darren was excellent, very thorough and precise with his presentation and knowledge,” adding, “it’s good to be taught by someone who has the hands-on experience as well as the technical expertise.”

Of course, COVID-19 is still an issue for anyone attending an examination in person, and Darren was sure to meet all of the candidates on the day to explain social distancing, the use of face-masks, and so forth. The classrooms have also been specially prepared, with plenty of space for the candidates to stay distanced and safe.

Robbie said he would recommend the refresher training course to anyone, “regardless of how much knowledge and experience you have,” explaining, “it is a good way of finding out what you need to brush up on and what you don’t - nobody knows or remembers everything.”

While Robbie noted that he is going to assess his options going forward at the moment, since “no one is sure of what is around the corner,” he is clear that his CSWIP qualifications have helped with his career, stating, “without the qualifications you don’t have a career; no qualifications no job.”

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