TWI delivers successful training in South Africa

TWI Training, working alongside Inspection and Quality Services (IQS), has delivered a series of successful CSWIP Welding Inspection courses in South Africa.

IQS have offered invaluable support in delivering training to the region as TWI continues to build a reputation for quality in southern Africa.

Lecturer, Darren Jefferies oversaw a number of courses between 13 and 31 May 2019, receiving positive feedback from the 45 attendees.

The feedback provided from the courses was overwhelmingly positive, both for Darren’s lecturing and for the quality of the courses themselves.

Darren Jefferies is one of the best lecturers I’ve ever had….. the way he explains things will stick with you forever.

Byron Thompson, QA/QC Senior Welding and Fabrication Inspector

Darren himself was also full of praise for the candidates, saying, "The students themselves have been an absolute pleasure to teach, every one of them has been polite, engaged, hard-working and punctual."

Elsewhere, another attendee said that the course was "well hosted," adding that the lecturer was "very knowledgeable and well-spoken [and] went out of his way to make sure we understood each session."

Another student praised the "interactive and friendly environment."

The courses themselves covered a lot of material so, if anything, there were calls for the courses to be extended to cover even more days. Despite this, many said they would recommend the training to others and every single respondent provided positive feedback.

The CSWIP training and qualification scheme is globally recognised by businesses as a preferred qualification for inspection and NDT personnel, ensuring competence to industry-accepted standards.

Please check upcoming courses to be delivered in South Africa – they include AUT Data Interpretation, NDT Level 3 courses and the Time of Flight Diffraction blended learning package.