TWI and Rolls-Royce team up to develop Welding Engineering Diploma

TWI has worked in close collaboration with Rolls-Royce to design and deliver a comprehensive, customised training programme for the company’s welding engineers.

The engineering firm approached TWI Training and Examination Services when it needed a training scheme for its welding engineers that would ensure they had the core competencies needed for their work.

Working in partnership, TWI and Rolls-Royce developed the Rolls-Royce Welding Engineering Diploma, designed to equip the company’s welding engineers with the essential knowledge and skills they require to uphold its famously high manufacturing standards.

Made up of five modules, each lasting five days with several incorporating an exam, the Diploma has been fine-tuned to cover aspects of welding engineering specifically relevant to the work of Rolls-Royce engineers. Modules focus respectively on welding processes and equipment, materials and their behaviour during welding, construction and design, fabrication and applications, and practical workshops.

The first group of ten engineers from Rolls-Royce began the Diploma on 9 March, and early feedback has been very positive.

TWI Senior Welding Inspection Lecturer Darren Jefferies, who taught the group the welding processes and equipment module, said: ‘The Rolls-Royce students were a very mixed group with welding knowledge and expertise covering a wide range of areas, and experience ranging from almost none to many years’ in multiple disciplines. Despite this varied range within the group, all of the students gelled together very quickly and built up a collective camaraderie.

‘They were a joy to teach, with a thirst for knowledge that led them to ask many probing and pertinent questions that I did my best to answer. I also learnt a few things from the students which I will take with me to use on other courses.’

TWI Training and Examination Services offers a range of courses covering every aspect of joining, inspection and related disciplines. Alongside more than 100 off-the-shelf courses leading to internationally recognised qualifications, TWI is also able to work with companies to develop bespoke courses tailored to their specific needs – as in the case of the Rolls-Royce Welding Engineering Diploma.

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