TWI Azerbaijan and KBR Develop Local Skills and Knowledge

TWI Azerbaijan and KBR has established the mutual cooperation on training and developing local engineers' technical skills/knowledge

On February 13-14, 2020, TWI Azerbaijan successfully held training for the engineering staff of SOCAR - KBR as an extension of the positive cooperation between the two companies.

The purpose of the training was to improve the professionalism of young employees and to familiarise experienced engineers with technical innovations. TWI Azerbaijan is proud to support anyone who wants to achieve professional development.

The training proved a success with the engineering personnel from SOCAR - KBR who attended the free event. The event provided an 'Introduction to Construction Codes' as well as information on 'Manufacturing Imperfections and Inspection Methods' and details of the current challenges faced by industry.

The training was conducted for two days with two sessions. On the first day of training, participants were given presentations and lectures on NDT methods, their applications, and construction codes (ASME SEC VIII, ASME B3).

On the second day, the topics included welding defects and prevention methods, a damage mechanism overview based on API 571, and in-service inspection codes and their applications (API 510,653,570). Lectures presented in practical videos were greeted with interest by the participants.

There was also an opportunity for attendees to ask their own questions related to plant integrity, ASME Section VIII, API 570, materials inspection and so forth. Our lecturer, Hamidreza Saadat, provided immediate answers and comments to the questions related to inspection, damage mechanism and corrosion.

According to the survey results, attendee feedback about the training was very positive. This feedback helsp us to improve our service quality and motivate us to organise more events for the future.

TWI Azerbaijan provides internationally recognised training courses, inspection, engineering and consulting services. TWI Azerbaijan also has training agents in the Caspian Sea Region countries of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Georgia.

TWI Azerbaijan provides high quality and reliable services for both oil and gas and construction projects.

TWI Azerbaijan and KBR Develop Local Skills and Knowledge