TWI Helping Lebanon's Technical and Vocational Education

Providing secure job opportunities for youth starts by economically empowering them, as well as equipping them with the right skillset

On 23 January, 2020, TWI’s new accredited welder training centre, located at the “Safadi Accelerated Vocational Training Centre” (SAVOTEC), was launched in collaboration with the Safadi Foundation in Tripoli, Lebanon.

The event started at 11 am in the presence of senior contractors and 15 dignitaries and representatives from international organisations and local syndicates. The event began with an opening speech by Mohammad Safadi who mentioned that the goal of the SAVOTEC is empowering the Lebanese youth and assisting them in accomplishing their dreams and meeting their aspirations.

TWI South East Asia’s regional manager, Ernesto Moskini gave a talk to the attendees, introducing TWI and the history of the company’s long-standing expertise in delivering world class welder training and qualification.

Samar Boulos, the General Manager of the Safadi Foundation, noted that the initiative is to tackle the urgent challenge of unemployment in Lebanon by developing an internationally certified workforce to suit the needs of the labour market.

After the launch and refreshments, the event was wrapped up with a tour of Safadi’s newly refurbished facilities in Tripoli.

The Safadi Foundation is a nonprofit organisation with the mission of empowering underprivileged citizens across Lebanon by upskilling and enabling them to live a more prosperous life.

TWI, as the world leader in welding technologies, will be contributing to this mission by training and qualifying the next generation of welders and equipping them with the globally recognised CSWIP certification, which can open up the opportunity to work in international companies for the graduates.

The Safadi training centre was audited and upgraded in accordance to TWI’s standards. The welder training centre accredited by TWI is established to meet Lebanon’s future labour market needs, especially in the field of oil and gas. The new welder training centre has 15 welding bays fully equipped with Lincoln equipment.

Two trainers from Safadi attended the ‘Train the Trainer’ programme in Malaysia in 2019. These trainers are now qualified and ready to deliver welder training according to TWI’s standards in Lebanon using TWI’s syllabus.

Three main welding techniques of MIG, MAG and SMAW will be delivered and TWI will qualify and certify the trained students every two months. Students will go through a 10-week period of training to get upskilled. The training will end with a welder qualification examination. The target is to train a minimum of 180 welders by the end of 2020.

Interested candidates who are qualified to enter the course can attend the training free of charge. To learn more about TWI’s welder training and qualifications visit our website and to find out about Safadi Foundation go to

TWI Helping Lebanon's Technical and Vocational Education