TWI Senior Inspection Lecturer now GWO Training coordinator

TWI Senior Subsea Inspection Lecturer, Craig Bunn has taken on the role as Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training coordinator at TWI.

We are pleased to inform you that TWI is now recognised as a GWO training provider - a process that has taken over a year to complete with a lot of resilience and dedication from all the team that has been involved.

Craig started his career within the armed forces’ Coldstream Guards and, after a service of 17-years, he made the move to become a commercial diver in 2013.

Later, in 2020, he joined TWI as a standby diver and soon became a lecturer for 3.1u and 3.2u. More recently, in March 2023, Craig become a GWO training coordinator and we at TWI could not be more excited about his new role!

Working with both onshore and offshore diving operations and other positions such as the wind turbines emergency response team, Craig has provided his service to TWI with an array of skills that have enabled the company to expand into the wind sector.

His ambition is to further develop the GWO training programme within TWI and be recognised as a top GWO training provider for the years to come.

TWI Training is proud to have Craig as the part of the team and congratulates him on his achievement.