TWI Training Profile: Gareth Griffiths – Expert In The Making!

Gareth began his working life inauspiciously as an unskilled labourer constructing horseboxes in a workshop. However, from these relatively humble beginnings he became more focused on the welding and fabrication aspects of his work.

Taking this interest with him into the Royal Engineers, Gareth broadened his skills as a combat engineer and then a fabricator / welder at the Royal School of Military Engineering.

Gaining a plethora of qualifications over nearly a decade in the armed forces, Gareth returned to ‘civvy-street’ to work as a fabrications supervisor with a small firm before moving to work for Hargreaves M-W Group as a coded welder.

However, it wasn’t long before Gareth’s skills had marked him out and he was approached to apply for the role of QA / QC compliance engineer with the company.

Continuing to build his skills and experience, Gareth was soon heading to TWI in Cambridge to train as a welding specialist. Unlike many other trainees, Gareth opted for offsite accommodation for the duration of his company-funded course. But this certainly didn’t stand in the way of this self-motivated learner!

While Gareth revealed that he learnt a lot from the enjoyable modules, and loved the facilities on offer at TWI, it was the lecturers for whom he reserved the most praise, saying that it was good to gain “knowledge from the best.”

Already planning his next step, Gareth is looking to take a quality management degree. However, with Gareth stating that he believes TWI to be the number-one provider of training in the industry, and the first name you think of, we’re sure it won’t be too long until he is back for more…