Economic Growth and TWI Training Services Overview in Iraq

After experiencing years of war, Iraq's economy showed signs of recovery in 2016. The economy rebounded in 2018, as security conditions improved significantly, and economic growth is estimated to reach 3.6% in 2019 and 4.5% in 2020. It is expected that the Iraq’s economy will grow rapidly in 2019 as a result of oil production increase, alongside ongoing reconstruction projects and rising internal demand.

Enabled by this greater stability and security, Iraq has listed a total of over 212 projects that are ready for investment across more than 10 sectors. Oil, refineries and petrochemical industries are the most promising sectors for investors, followed by the industrial, energy, and manufacturing sectors.

In the fast changing world of the oil and gas industry, it is vital to keep technical knowledge and skills up to date with evolving technology and rapidly advancing standards and regulations. It is vital to be at the forefront of technical development in today’s oil and gas sectors.

TWI has increased its activity in Iraq, having provided remote training services to the market since 2013. However, improved political stability and economic growth in Iraq has led to an increase in demand for TWI services in recent years, which looks to continue into the future.

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Map showing Iraq