Uniting training and experience for career progression

Carleigh Christians has worked at IQS since 2016 while completing her national diploma in chemical engineering. Having gained her diploma in December 2016, Carleigh expressed an interest in becoming a Welding Engineer.

With this aim in mind, she has gone on to complete numerous training courses and is now qualified to carry out NDT and weld inspections, which will add to her knowledge while progressing towards her goal.

Carleigh now carries out inspection duties in line with specified requirements while also actively ensuring project administration is kept up-to-date and compliances are met – especially with regard to activities and requirements related to the Ships Class society and the IQS accredited SANS ISO 17020 Quality Management System.

Based in Cape Town, Carleigh enjoys the challenges associated with working in a challenging environment and meeting customer deadlines as she studies part time to become a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering.

By coupling her on-the-job activities with her continuing studies, Carleigh’s dedication and commitment is pushing her career forwards on several fronts at once.