Welder Training Programme in the UK

TWI training offers welder training and witnessing to companies and individuals alike. Our training is delivered in line with internationally recognised standards such as BS EN 9606 and ASME IX and includes the CSWIP visual welding inspection training and the practical welding technology diploma. The practical welding training covers the use of many common materials including mild and stainless steel, nickel, titanium and aluminium alloys.

While much of this work is done on-site at TWI premises, our welding instructors also travel to client premises to witness weld qualification tests, ensuring that welders have the necessary skills to carry out their work.

Our welding instructors have developed a level of trust with companies and individuals who return year after year to continue their training with TWI. Our welding instructors themselves gain a great deal of job satisfaction and a sense of achievement from this work as they can see students develop their skills and companies able to increase their potential sales opportunities and product ranges through the guidance offered by TWI.

Our welding instructors, Steve Sleep and Martin D’Urso, offered some advice to those just starting out with an interest in welding, saying they should have a plan and decide that welding is the right move for them. They recommend attending a two or three day bespoke course to learn about the three main welding processes (TIG, MMA and MAG) and then, if you feel welding is for you, you can pursue it further with a longer course in the future. Steve added, “As with any other trade, the person must have a passion and a willingness to learn over a period of time and show self-commitment.”

Of course, COVID-19 has impacted the work of TWI Training, meaning that we can only take a maximum of four students in welder training due to social distancing. However, a full risk assessment has been done for practical welder training, so that we can continue to offer our services to customers.

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Welder Training Programme in the UK