Welding Inspection, my chosen career!

Karimatu Atsuipui, from Cameroon, shifted her career path to welding inspection. She takes pride in being a woman welder in a field widely dominated by men.

She gained her professional degree in logistics and transport at the University Institute of Technology of Douala in 2010. However, despite her qualification and perseverance, landing a stable job had been challenging for her.

Since she had always been fascinated with metalwork, her parents, siblings and friends encouraged her to learn more about welding. Heeding her family's and friends' advice, she decided to explore and work on the idea. She studied and attended training to learn more about welding and its application. She then realised endless possibilities and opportunities awaited her as a welder.

In 2018 she joined an internship programme in SESI Gabon where she worked hard to improve her craft in welding. With her innate ability to learn fast, partnered with a sheer determination to succeed, she soon earned the respect of her colleagues and superiors. Coincidentally, her supervisor, a certified CSWIP welding inspector, also motivated her to pursue her dream of becoming a CSWIP-certified female welder in her country.

With all the words of encouragement and support she kept receiving from home and work, she did not hesitate and waste any time to act and realise her potential. As soon as she had made provisions and arrangements, she flew to Dubai to attend TWI Middle East's training and examination programme where she earned her qualification.

Karimatu, who is now a certified CSWIP visual welding inspector, is presently living and working in Gabon. She added that she will continue to develop her professional career through TWI and believes that one day she will achieve all her goals and dreams.

She stated with confidence that 'women can achieve anything if they believe in themselves, nothing is impossible with courage and determination.'

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Karimatu Atsuipui - Welding Inspection, my chosen career!