Why consider a TWI Diploma in Welding Engineering?

The TWI Diplomas in Welding Engineering were introduced by TWI as an alternative for those candidates who do not meet the access conditions for the EWF/IIW Diploma.

TWI Diplomas in Welding Engineering are recognised by employers around the world as proof of a high level of expert knowledge and an organisational understanding of welding. Our diplomas also meet the exacting requirements of welding coordination, covering a large range of applications, materials and processes.

TWI Diplomas use a modular approach so you can progress through the three levels of qualification, as follows:

  • Specialist level - 6 modules
  • Technologist level - 4 modules
  • Engineer level - 4 modules

Each of the modules lasts one week and finishes with an exam.

You will be awarded a TWI Diploma in Welding Engineering upon completion of each of the levels, from Specialist to Technologist and Engineer.

TWI training uses specialists in each area of the course to ensure your training is of the highest possible standard. In addition to being able to learn from experts in their field, we offer eLearning packages to provide extra assistance, helping you to improve your confidence and prepare for your final examinations.

The eLearning modules available cover 12 hours of study, take you through the key concepts and you have self-assessment options so you can monitor your progress as you learn. Not only will eLearning give you a head-start when attending the classroom, allowing you to study in your own time at and your own pace, but is also totally free for anyone who signs up for the TWI Welding Diplomas.


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Why consider a TWI Diploma in Welding Engineering?