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BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector - Grade 2

29th Jul 2024

Trichy, India
Start Date
29th Jul 2024
End Date
02nd Aug 2024
On Request

Is it for me?

You can take this course whether you have experience in the painting inspection industry or not.

Also available as: BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector - Grade 2 Online Live course.

What will I learn?

This course covers corrosion theory, surface preparation, surface contaminants and tests, paint constituents and technology, solutions and dispersions, drying and curing properties and performance, and specified painting conditions.

You will also learn about cathodic protection, holiday/pinhole detection, paint-application methods, paint/paint film testing, paint identification, and metal coatings.

The course will also teach you about paint faults, colour, inspection methods, specification requirements, and health and safety and working practices.

What will I leave with?

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Recognise and identify the benefits/disadvantages of paint systems
  • Understand the importance of surface preparation
  • Understand methods of application and testing
  • Understand paint system inspections
  • Interpret requirements of standards
  • Meet the syllabus requirements for the BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector Examination.