Is it for me?

The course is suitable for anyone who works indirectly with magnetic testing. The Magnetic Particle Testing Appreciation eLearning course brings you into contact with magnetic testing, even if the testing is conducted by someone else.

This eLearning package gives you 60 days access to the eLearning materials.

The training is organised in different lessons covering all aspects of magnetic testing theory as well as offering insights of the practical elements. The addition of the Product Technology eLearning module is highly recommended in order to gain a better understanding of the flaws being detected by Magnetic Testing.

Upon completing the training you will be awarded a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion.

What will I learn?

The Magnetic Particle Testing eLearning Package covers the following:

  • Lesson 1 – Principles of MT: The basic principles of magnetism and how magnetic particle testing works
  • Lesson 2 - Methods of Magnetisation: The portable and fixed equipment that is used to magnetise test specimens
  • Lesson 3 - MT Detecting Media and Equipment: Describing the inks, powders and other equipment that is used in the MT process
  • Lesson 4 – MT Techniques: Outlines the techniques, current waveforms, and demagnetisation methods used in MT
  • Lesson 5 – Assessing Magnetising Force and Amperage: Outlines the methods used to assess whether magnetising force and amperage is adequate for the magnetising method used

Each module contains:

  • Downloadable course notes
  • Pages explaining the underlying theory
  • Self–assessment questionnaires
  • An optional coursework section with questions on general and specific theory

The following additional eLearning products may be of interest – they can be purchased separately.

  • Penetrant Testing (PT) – Appreciation eLearning Package 
  • Product Technology – Appreciation eLearning Page

What else should I know?

UK Fee: £200 + VAT

For other regions, please contact:

Please note: When you have booked your online training, you will receive an email notification with your login details.

eLearning technical specifications
In order to fully access the Magnetic Testing online course, you will need the following minimum system requirements:

  • Latest version of your web browser of choice (if possible) will provide the best experience
  • Recommended internet speed: at least 0.5 Mbps
  • Display resolution : minimum 1024x768

Ideal for use on desktops or tablets.

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