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Phased Array and ToFD applications usually require the use of powerful and complicated software for data analysis or to drive the UT acquisition units. Scope of the course is to train you to use advanced UT software efficiently by practical training on different software functions. Therefore, probability of detection could be maximized and time spent on data analysis minimized resulting in overall highly increased productivity and confidence.

This course is suitable for you as an advanced UT inspectors wanting an in-depth knowledge on the advanced UT software.

Different functions of software aiming at different applications (Corrosion mapping, Weld ToFD analysis, Weld PAUT inspection and analysis) will be demonstrated and practiced making the course suitable for inspectors involved in all industrial sectors using advanced UT inspection techniques.

What will I learn?

Software packages available for the course are Olympus Tomoview, Zetec Ultravision and Sonatest UT Studio.

The topics covered include:

  • Introduction: data files and data acquisition
  • Data file conversion, data file merging
  • Creating and saving custom layouts
  • Use of multiple PA views and groups
  • Tools for corrosion mapping applications
  • Focusing functions demonstration (DDF)
  • Software functionality (preferences, overlays, properties, cursors)
  • Reporting (sizing, indication table, reporting and editing)
  • Inspection: How to drive a PAUT unit through the software
  • ToFD analysis tools

What will I leave with?

By the end of the course, you will be:

  • Trained on the main software functions with the use of real data files from different applications (weld inspection, corrosion mapping)
  • Familiarised with advanced software functions
  • Manage confidently and efficiently your PAUT and ToFD data files

What else should I know?

You will be provided with a laptop, a software license key and a cd with PAUT and ToFD data files from different applications.

Printed presentations and handouts will be handed out during the course.

The course will end with a half-day competency test leading to a TWI Advanced UT Software User Certificate.

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