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Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)

17th Jul 2024

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
Start Date
17th Jul 2024
End Date
19th Jul 2024
Course only
£ 732.00 + VAT
Exam only
£ 269.00 + VAT
Course + Exam package
£ 1,000.00 + VAT

Is it for me?

This course is aimed at all staff working or associated with radiation generators and sealed sources - particularly industrial radiography personnel. The course is designed to meet the requirements of PCN, which states radiography certificates are valid only so long as you have been successful in a PCN radiation examination within the past five years and hold valid certification for Basic Radiation Safety or Radiation Protection to supervisor level.

What will I learn?

This course covers the source and nature of ionising radiation, relevant basic physics, the behaviour of radioactive isotopes, absorption processes, and units of activity and dose. You will also be taught about radiation damage to the human body, somatic and hereditary damage, stochastic and deterministic effects, early and late effects, the principles of radiation protection, methods of radiation protection (time, distance, shielding), dose limits, and safe distance and other protection calculations.

The course also offers guidance on the use of SI 3232:1999 and the relevant parts of ACOP, gamma containers and tests on them, and packaging, labelling and transport. You will also learn about instrumentation and monitoring, and emergency procedures and equipment. The Radiation Protection Supervisor will also include the requirements for Radiation Protection Supervisors, knowledge and understanding of the requirements to assess doses, carry out hazard assessments, implement contingency plans and emergency procedures, and the arrangements for the provision of dosemeters and the keeping of dose records.

Training is in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9712 and ends with the certification examination.

What will I leave with?

This course will provide you with information related to working with radiation in line with the requirements of PCN, including the damage that can be caused and processes to mitigate against this.


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