Is it for me?

This course is suitable for you if you are a welding co-ordinator (ISO 14731) or other specialist involved in the design of welded structures.

What will I learn?

Offered at three levels, the modules concentrate on welding and fabrication issues such as design principles, fracture mechanics, behaviour of welded structures in service, fatigue and brittle fracture, engineering critical assessment and thermodynamically loaded structures as well as the practicalities of construction of a variety of products.

We have introduced a new suite of eLearning options for the TWI Diploma.  The modules are ideal for pre-course learning or revision, providing additional flexibility to your training and allowing you to work in your own time. The eLearning modules are FREE for anyone who signs up for a TWI Welding Diploma course (Specialist, Technologist or Engineer levels).

What will I leave with?

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand features, benefits and application of various welding and joining methods
  • Understand behaviour of materials and their response to welding and joining methods
  • Appreciate design requirements and their implications and understand why products fail and how it may be avoided 
  • Understand quality assurance/quality control requirement in fabrication
  • Gain the breadth of knowledge required to succeed in the appropriate TWI examinations


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What else should I know?


As there are various routes for obtaining the qualifications of Welding Specialist, Welding technologist and Welding Engineer, your first step is to forward your CV, copies of qualifications (Plus transcripts if your qualifications were gained overseas) for assessment to

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